Star In Malta - Day 1

March 04, 2019

We’ve arrived on the maltese isles - and we’re here just in time for Carnival!

When you think of a british carnival you think of a lazy afternoon in the local park but that is not the global tradition. Carnival is a celebration of food before meat is given up for Lent and we’ve arrived in Malta just in time for Shrove Tuesday.

After getting used to the surroundings on today’s show with nat (12-2pm), we settlrd in and headed off to Paceville... the clubbing hesrt of Malta.

The party carries on through the night after a day of ‘fiesta’. Everyone stills comes dressed in their carnival costumes.

Tommorow, we’re visiting Valetta (Malta’s capital) and St. George’s Square where the real carnival action takes place.

tune in to hear more about Paceville tommorow from noon.


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