Star Radio News: Our long term Plan

May 31, 2018

We've got big news:

Over the next twelve months we are adding a range of new stations to Benefit Media under the Star Radio Brand, each with a different genre of music to satisfy every taste of music. Over the last 6 months Your Star Radio has been progressing from a younger CHR (Contemporary Hit Radio/Top 40) format to a HOT AC (Adult Contemporary) format, to allow us to play all the hits but also some great old tunes and to finish the change from today Your Star Radio has simply become 'Star Radio UK'. 

Starting July 26th our new station will be joining the network. It will be of the same great, tried and tested format but feature a completely different genre of music. As we near the time of the launch we will be revealing all the information you will need.

Over the next twelve months we plan on adding 3 new Star Radio stations 1 of which we have revealed above, a second one coming in October and a third in January. We will also be having a temporary Christmas Radio Station. All of the stations will follow this branding: Star Radio 'Christmas'.

As Star Radio UK goes from Strength to Strength we can't wait to add these new stations to our line up. 

Keep listening on air for all the details of the new station.


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