The Christmas Ratio

December 10, 2018

Christmas is a special time for everyone and it's not any different here at Star Radio.

To celebrate the festive season we have devised a special formula to keep you in the festive spirit, up to date with All the latest Rhythm and Dance and not get sick of those Christmas Tunes!

'1:1:1' is that formula. 

What is 1:1:1?

1:1:1 refers to the rotation in which songs are played. This formula is renewed every 6 months and is constantly changing to keep our look as fresh as possible. It is also updated in times of Major News, Summer, Competitions and Christmas!

Still don't get it... Let us explain! Throughout the later part of 2018 Star Radio has been broadcasting a 2:1 formula. For every 2 Hit Songs (That is songs at the chart and upcoming hits or hits that are starting to fall down the chart) play twice in a row followed by a Gold Song (This is a song which is at the bottom or just off the chart but is still fresh or an older song which everybody still loves). 

Understanding this you shouldn't need us to explain 1:1:1 (Hits:Gold:Chrstmas). If you do then here is the explanation. 1 Hit Song followed by 1 Gold song followed by 1 Christmas Song (Read above for definitions of Hit and Gold Songs)

Why will this make me happy?

We all get bored of Christmas Songs if they are overplayed just like you get bored of Hits after they have been played often in a short amount of time. With this formula you can still hear all the Christmas Music aswell as the Hits and the Golds in equal priority (Meaning they will all get the same amount of airplay).

Will this formula still apply on Christmas Day?


On the 22nd December this formula will develop into 1:1:1:1 (Hit, Christmas, Gold, Christmas).

Christmas Eve, Boxing Day will follow a 2:1:2:1 (Christmas, Hit, Christmas, Gold).

The Big day itself will follow a (4:1:4:1) (Christmas, Hit, Christmas, Gold)

What will Star Radio's formula be after Christmas

Christmas will officially end on Friday 28th December on Star Radio. The last Christmas Song will be played at 11:55am. From then on we focus on our next formula. '2019 is Star's Year'. The formula from this date will be 3:2 Mixed (Meaning 3 Hits (H) and 2 Golds (G) in rotation (Interpret this as 1:1:1:1:1 (H, G, H, G, H). This will allow us to get the old times flowing as we fly our way through 2019.

What do you mean '2019 is Star's Year?

We have lots of great things coming up in 2019. We are not making them publically known until they become relevant On-Air however, you can hear the title of all our 2019 events at New Year Eve Moment (The first event of 2019. This will be broadcast at 23:57 31st December 2018 - 00:05, 1st January 2019. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Star Radio Team


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